Enjoy Comfortable, Stress-Free Care with Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of dental treatment make your heart beat faster? If so, you are not alone. Dental anxiety is a common issue for patients of all ages. Fortunately, Dr. W. Davey Crockett offers various conscious sedation dentistry options at his Richmond, VA, practice. With nitrous oxide and oral medications, he can ensure your comfort and help you remain relaxed in the dentist's chair. You may also benefit from sedation if you are going to undergo a more extensive restorative procedure. To find out how this option can benefit you, contact Davey Crockett Dentistry today.

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Compassionate Care for Anxious Patients

We treat many anxious patients and recognize that your nervousness is not your fault. Anxiety over dental procedures can stem from past experiences, stories you have heard, and many other factors. Whatever the circumstance, Dr. Bousaba provides gentle, non-judgmental treatment to put you at ease.

With sedation, you can receive the dental care you need to enjoy full dental function and a beautiful smile.

The Benefits of Dental Sedation

Like many dental phobic patients, you may have neglected treatment for years. With sedation, you can receive the dental care you need to enjoy full dental function and a beautiful smile. The medications offered will make dental care easier by helping you remain calm and reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety. As a result, you may find it easier to return for preventive exams and cleanings, reducing your risk of future complications.

Even if you do not suffer from severe anxiety, you may still dislike visiting the dentist. Fortunately, low-level sedation is an option for all our patients. These medications will not affect your ability to speak or respond to visual cues. Rather, they will simply help you relax during your appointment.

Choosing Your Sedation Method

Dr. Bousaba offers multiple sedation options. If you suffer from minor to moderate anxiety, nitrous oxide may be a good choice. Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, is a popular choice because it is mild and wears off quickly, allowing you to safely drive yourself home after treatment. The gas will induce feelings of deep relaxation. Dr. Bousaba will administer the odorless gas through a mask and it will take effect almost immediately. 

Oral conscious sedation may be the right option if you have severe dental phobia. You might also benefit from these medications if you are preparing for a lengthy procedure such as dental implant placement. Oral conscious sedation induces "twilight sleep." While you will be able to answer questions, you will be deeply relaxed and feel no pain. You will also remember little, if anything, about your treatment when the medication subsides. 

If needed, Dr. Bousaba can combine nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.

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