Relieve Pain With Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Dr. William Davey Crockett can perform even the most complicated wisdom tooth extractions in our Richmond, VA, dental office. If you suffer from jaw pain, have experienced trauma due to impacted wisdom teeth, or want to prevent wisdom tooth problems in the future, consult with Dr. Bousaba about extraction.

Wisdom Teeth Facts

impacted wisdom toothAlso known as third molars, wisdom teeth tend to erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. More than a third of human beings never develop wisdom teeth and in 90 percent of those who do, at least one tooth becomes impacted, meaning it cannot erupt from beneath the gums.

Reasons for extraction of wisdom teeth include:

  • Discomfort caused by impact, crooked positioning, abscesses, or nerve interference
  • Crowding of other teeth, which is aesthetically and functionally problematic
  • Decay due to difficulty in keeping them clean
  • Inflammation of surrounding tissues (called pericoronitis, which mostly affects the lower jaw)
  • Prevention of future problems

The Procedure

Dr. Bousaba performs all types of wisdom tooth removal at our practice, including extraction of impacted teeth and extraction of multiple teeth in one session. In most cases, removing each tooth takes only a few minutes. To ensure patient comfort, Dr. Bousaba administers sedation dentistry when extracting wisdom teeth. With sedation, patients need someone to drive them to and from our office.

After you have been made comfortable and sedated, the doctor will use various techniques to loosen and remove your third molars. He will administer dissolvable stitches to the extraction sites, then apply gauze to the area.

Dr. Bousaba performs all types of wisdom tooth removal, including extraction of impacted teeth, as well as extraction of multiple teeth in one session.


Following surgery, take three to four days off work, and do not plan any vigorous activities, lift items over 10 pounds, or participate in sports. You will experience swelling and some discomfort after your extractions, but Dr. Bousaba will provide you with a pain medication and instructions for using over-the-counter medications. An ice pack applied over a cloth on the outside of your cheek can help reduce swelling.

The day of surgery, you will need to replace the gauze on the extraction site when it becomes soaked. Once bleeding stops, you no longer need gauze. Do not brush your teeth, spit, or rinse your mouth for 24 hours after the procedure. Plan to eat a soft diet of lukewarm or room temperature foods for the first two days.

Most importantly, your extraction sites will fill with a blood clot, and stitches will dissolve in three or four days. The blood clot is vital to healing, so you will need to avoid smoking, drinking through a straw, and brushing the extraction site for about four days. If the blood clot dislodges, a painful condition called dry socket can occur, requiring further treatment.

When Dr. Bousaba instructs you to resume regular brushing and flossing, take special care not to disturb the extraction site. You should also begin rinsing your mouth with salt water after meals, at least a few times each day. If your lips dry out, simply apply lip balm.

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