High-quality, Lifelike Dental Bridges Made by Our In-House Lab Technician

A dental bridge can replace one or more consecutively missing teeth, filling the gaps in your smile. Dr. W. Davey Crocket offers customized dental bridges made right here in his Richmond, VA, office. With our high-quality materials, your bridge will give you a natural-looking smile that you can be proud to share. We also provide implant-supported dental bridges, for greater stability and protection for your oral health.

Are You a Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

If you are missing between one and three adjacent teeth, you are likely a candidate for a dental bridge. For patients missing more teeth, a partial denture will typically be more appropriate. A traditional bridge will attach to the natural teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. These support teeth must be strong and healthy. Dr. Bousaba will conduct a thorough exam, taking x-rays to make sure that your teeth are stable enough to support a bridge. In addition, you must have healthy gums to qualify for treatment. We offer complete periodontal care and can address existing gum disease before providing your restoration.

A dental bridge will protect your oral health, preventing your other teeth from moving out of position and drifting into the gap in your smile.

If you are considering an implant-supported bridge, Dr. Bousaba will evaluate your jawbone health as well. To be considered for implants, you must have a enough healthy bone tissue to support the small metal posts that will be placed in your jaw. However, if you have suffered jaw recession, you may still be able to receive implants after a bone grafting procedure.

Placing Your Dental Bridge

Before providing a traditional bridge, Dr. Bousaba will need to alter the two teeth surrounding the gap in your smile. This process is performed using gentle techniques, and our office can provide dental sedation for your comfort. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Bousaba will use precise methods to reshape your teeth, creating a strong foundation. We will then take detailed impressions of your teeth and gums. Our in-house lab technicians will use these models to craft your lifelike bridge based on your exact measurements.

In most cases, it will take two weeks for our lab to create your bridge, and we will provide a temporary restoration in the meantime. We use a variety of advanced, durable materials for our restorations. For the ultimate in both aesthetics and durability, we often recommend IPS e.max®. This material is very strong, but maintains the natural appearance of your smile. When your bridge is finished, Dr. Bousaba will check that it fits correctly before securing it in place.

Illustration of a traditional dental bridge

A traditional dental bridge will rely on surrounding teeth for support.

If you choose an implant-supported bridge, you will first need to undergo surgery to receive about two or more dental implants. Over the next four to six months, osseointegration will occur. During this process, your jaw will heal around the implant posts so that they become a permanent part of your jaw and replace your dental roots. After you have healed, Dr. Bousaba can attach abutment pieces that will connect your bridge to the posts. Just like our traditional bridges, our implant-supported restorations are custom-made from the latest materials.

How a Dental Bridges Can Benefit You

A dental bridge is a restorative option that can have enormous benefits for your smile and overall quality of life. Your restoration will improve your oral function, allowing you to eat a full range of foods, including those that were previously too hard to manage with missing teeth. A bridge will also protect your oral health, preventing your other teeth from moving out of position and drifting into the gap in your smile. If you receive an implant-supported bridge, the implants will also prevent bone recession, maintaining your jaw health and the shape of your facial features. Additionally, a bridge can restore your smile, more-youthful appearance, and sense of self-confidence.

Fill Gaps in Your Smile

Find out if you are a candidate for a traditional or an implant-supported bridge. Contact Davey Crockett Dentistry today to book an appointment.