Dental Crowns Made from Lifelike, State-of-the-Art Materials

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped restorations that are placed over compromised teeth to provide structural support, prevent further decay, and restore your dental function. These restorations can also improve the appearance of damaged or discolored teeth. Dr. W. Davey Crockett places custom-made, lifelike dental crowns at his Richmond, VA, practice. At Davey Crockett Dentistry, we use highly lifelike materials, including IPS e.max®, so your crown will have an attractive, natural-looking color and sheen. If you have recently lost a tooth, Dr. Bousaba can also provide an implant-supported crown to completely replace a lost tooth.

A dental crown can restore your smile, alleviating discomfort and increasing your confidence.

Is a Dental Crown Right for You?

While some restorative treatments such as fillings, inlays, or onlays can treat smaller amounts of damage and decay, they are not always sufficient. A dental crown may be an appropriate restorative option for issues such as:

  • Severe decay or a cavity that is too large for a filling
  • Cracked, weakened teeth
  • Worn or disproportionately small teeth that affect the overall force of your bite
  • Compromised strength following root canal therapy
  • Severe cosmetic blemishes, such as dark internal stains
  • Misshapen teeth

Before Dr. Bousaba can place a crown, you must be free of any decay or gum disease. Dr. Bousaba can provide the care you need before placing your restoration.

The Importance of Dental Crowns

Crowns are one of the most versatile types of restorative solutions. They can address many different concerns. Once your crown is in place, your tooth will be much stronger, and you can enjoy more complete dental function. Your crown can also prevent further damage. For example, a crown can keep a crack from growing larger. The natural-looking appearance of these restorations can also help you to enjoy a brighter, more even, and more youthful smile.

Implant-supported Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are not only a solution for repairing damaged teeth, but also a means of completely replacing a tooth from root to tip in conjunction with a dental implant. Your dentist may recommend an implant-supported crown if you have lost a tooth due to:

  • Damage that cannot be repaired with a crown alone
  • Being knocked out or having fallen out
  • Trauma
  • A failed root canal that cannot be retreated
  • Extraction

Dental implants are the ultimate anchors for replacement teeth. They also provide important oral health benefits such as the prevention of jawbone recession.

Types of Dental Crowns

Our office uses a variety of materials to create dental crowns. Many patients initially consider metal crowns due to their affordability. However, it should be noted that while these crowns are strong, they do not look natural.

When selecting the type of dental crown you would like, it is important to consider whether aesthetics are a priority, especially for teeth in the front of your smile. For optimal results, we often recommend IPS e.max. This material has a slight translucency, giving it a natural appearance while providing incredible strength.

You Can Finance Your Dental Crown

We believe that investing in a beautiful smile is worthwhile. If you decide that you would like an IPS e.max dental crown, which is not typically covered in full by insurance providers, you can finance the remainder of the cost. We offer in-house payment plans and also accept third-party financing through CareCredit® to help you budget for the results you desire. You can discuss financing options during your consultation to determine which is best for you.

What to Expect

The dental crown process typically requires at least two appointments:

Preparing the Tooth

Before he can place a dental crown, Dr. Bousaba will need to alter your tooth to remove decayed or damaged tissue, make room for the restoration, and create a stable base. This process is performed using conservative, gentle techniques, and we provide dental sedation for your comfort. Once your tooth is prepared, we will take detailed impressions. Our in-house lab technician will use these molds to craft your crown, which will fit the shade and shape of your smile.

Illustration of treatment with a dental crown

We will conservatively reshape your tooth to create a stable base for a crown.

Wearing Your Temporary Crown

It will usually take about two weeks before your crown is finished. It is essential to protect the tooth during this time. While you are waiting, we can provide a temporary crown to prevent sensitivity and other issues.


Once the final crown is complete, you will return to our office to have it placed. First, the doctor will gently buff the tooth to create an optimal bonding surface. Dr. Bousaba will make sure that the crown fits correctly before securely attaching it to your tooth with dental cement. He can make fine adjustments to the crown at this time to ensure that your upper and lower jaw meet comfortably. After your appointment, you can enjoy a completely restored tooth that blends with the rest of your smile. 

Caring for Your Dental Crown

With proper care, your dental crown can last many years. When flossing, gently move the thread in a downward direction and slide it outward instead of pulling up. This can prevent the floss from catching underneath the crown and causing it to become dislodged. You can also protect your crown if you avoid using it to bite or chew certain foods, including those that are:

  • Crunchy
  • Sticky
  • Hard 
  • Chewy

Maintaining your oral health can also help to prolong the life of your crown. As always, be sure to:

  • Brush twice each day
  • Floss daily 
  • Attend your bi-annual cleanings 

If at any time you have concerns or questions about caring for your restoration, our staff is always happy to provide the information you need.

Why Choose Us?

At Davey Crockett Dentistry, we believe in providing patients with exceptional dental care that exceeds expectations. When you visit our practice, you will benefit from Dr. Bousaba’s decades of experience and genuine dedication to patient satisfaction.

Although your oral health is his first concern, he is also a pioneer in cosmetic dentistry. With his detail-oriented approach, advanced technology, and use of extremely lifelike materials, he can provide you with a custom dental crown that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Restore Your Smile

A dental crown can restore your smile, alleviating discomfort and increasing your confidence. To learn more about the types of crowns we offer and our advanced techniques, contact us online or call us at (804) 282-2990. You can expect to receive the highest level of care tailored to your needs.