Custom-Made Dentures for an Unbelievably Lifelike Appearance

An incomplete smile and low-quality dentures make eating and speaking difficult, and can impact your self-esteem. To help resolve these issues, Dr. W. Davey Crockett offers realistic traditional and implant-retained dentures at his Richmond, VA, practice. Our dentures are highly customized and made from the best materials to achieve the look you want and function you need. We also offer implant-retained dentures, which provide far better support than traditional dentures. In either case, you can expect your custom dentures to restore the appearance of your smile and improve your ability to chew and enunciate. Contact Davey Crockett Dentistry to schedule a restorative consultation.

Our dentures are highly customized and made from the best materials to achieve the look you want and function you need.

Custom-crafted Traditional Dentures

When you think of removable dentures, you may visualize poorly fitting restorations that look unnatural and slip when speaking or eating. Thanks to our advanced technology, unstable, artificial-looking dentures are a thing of the past. Our restorations are highly customized for the natural feel and appearance you want.

We offer both partial and full removable dentures. Partials replace several adjacent teeth. They have a plastic base made of material carefully selected to match the color of your gums. The new teeth themselves will be crafted from state-of-the-art porcelain, providing a natural tint and sheen. Small, hidden clasps will connect your denture to the nearby teeth, and you can use adhesive for further stability, if desired.

Full dentures will restore your entire upper or lower dental arch. Like partials, they will match the color of your gums and original teeth. Dr. Bousaba will also make sure that your dentures support your facial contours and maintain the force of your bite.

Implant-supported Dentures

Our removable dentures look far more realistic than you may have ever thought possible. However, for an even more lifelike feel, consider implant-supported full or partial dentures. These restorations attach to several implant posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone. Dr. Bousaba will often use the All-on-4® method to supply full dentures. This method involves placing a full denture on four strategically placed implants, typically in the lower jaw. After positioning your implant posts, he will attach a temporary denture so you can enjoy near-complete dental function while healing. Once you have fully healed, he will attach your permanent dentures. In some cases, Dr. Bousaba can even provide same-day implant restorations. 

Implant-supported hybrid dentures are crafted to look virtually identical to your own teeth. Because they are permanently attached, you can enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about movement or slippage. In addition, implant-supported dentures prevent bone recession. Therefore, your denture will continue to fit correctly, and you will not have to have it replaced or remove it for cleaning. 

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Which Type of Restoration Is Right for You?

Although implant-supported dentures offer a number of benefits, they are not the best option for everyone. If you have lost too much tissue in your jawbone, you may not be able to receive implants without first undergoing a bone graft. Your physical and oral health is another consideration. A compromised immune system, blood condition, or gum disease may disqualify you from implants.

Dr. Bousaba will carefully evaluate your oral structure and health history to determine the right type of dentures for your needs. You can depend on Dr. Bousaba to provide a custom-made restoration that looks natural and restores your ability to chew and speak clearly.

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Our highly customized and lifelike dentures are a great choice to improve your comfort, appearance, and oral health. To learn more, contact our office today